B & J Real Estate Inspection Home & Commercial Inspection Services in Sugar Land, TX

B & J Real Estate Inspection is an independently owned and operated professional real estate inspection business that serves all of the Greater Houston, TX & the surrounding areas.

B & J Real Estate Inspection is built on the principles of providing quality and reliable home and commercial inspection service at an affordable price.

We provide quality structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing inspections on commercial and residential real estate properties for clients who are purchasing a home or commercial building, or for clients seeking to know the current issues of a real estate property that they are trying to sell or simply maintain and improve.

Home and commercial inspector at B and J Inspection provides exceptional, thorough, detailed and personalized real estate inspections for clients with a straightforward approach to our service.

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Why choose
B & J Real Estate Inspection?
  • Our real estate inspections are performed in accordance with the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission.
  • Deficiencies that are found listed on the inspection report will be verbally discussed with our clients at the completion of each inspection.
  • The inspection reports are typically generated and submitted to all applicable parties within 24 hours.
  • Easy and convenient scheduling for clients and agents.
  • $100 worth of discounts for Handyman Services included.
  • Online payments accepted.
  • We carry Supra key.

What Our Happy Clients Had To Say

  • Jaycee Castro is the real deal. He is super professional and very thorough with his inspections. I was amazed at how detailed he was with the report and he even answered questions that I had after reviewing the report. I appreciate all of his effort and his willingness to go above and beyond. Thanks Jaycee, your the man.

    Ronald Smith

    Commercial Inspection Houston
  • Jaycee, its the best, he took all the time to inspect every detail of the house, when I talked with him, he makes the time to explain you each part of the inspection. I will definitely recommend Jaycee, and in the future I'm totally call him again.

    OH!Varb C

    Commercial Inspection Houston
  • Jaycee was very responsive when scheduling, then spent over 3 hours inspecting the home and then walked through everything in detail with me. Also spent time answering questions after the inspection. Highly recommended!

    Jon Church

    Commercial Inspection Houston


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