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Now enjoy the best Residential inspection services in West University, TX, and its surrounding areas in the most time & cost-effective manner possible. Purchasing a property can be a hectic decision as there are thousands of crucial matters to consider, and most people are not even aware of them. Therefore, at B & J Real Estate Inspection, we offer the assistance of the most qualified and competent inspectors.
We are capable of inspecting any property thoroughly and efficiently in one visit. Our experts use a state-of-the-art approach & advanced technology to make sure you get the premium residential property in West University, TX.


Service Benefits

With us, you can effortlessly appreciate:

  • Immediate Response
  • Expert Guidance
  • Customize Service
  • Satisfactory outcomes

To avail of our service in Stafford, TX, please dial (281) 980-2157. Our cooperative customer care staff will be glad to guide and assist you in any manner required.

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Decades of Experience

Our experts have the comprehensive understanding of all aspects of building systems

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One stop for comprehensive home and commercial property inspection services

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We have trained, experienced inspectors in the team

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Timely inspection, computer generated reports and free price estimate