Home Structure Inspection Services, Sugar Land

Structural Components include monolithic and pier and beam foundations, framing, and roofing structures. These are among the most critical inspections as they verify potential deficiencies in load-bearing components and foundations, which can be some of the most expensive and intrusive repairs to a property. We go inch-by-inch over foundations, joints, beams, trusses, columns, posts, and roofing structures to identify any potential deficiencies. For more than three decades, B&J Inspections has been Greater Houston’s trusted Structural Inspectors, and we provide a transparent, unbiased, third-party inspection to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Structural inspections are crucial for evaluating any damage that may occur to a property following a hurricane or other storm. We make sure that drainage systems are installed properly so that foundational structures don’t sustain damage following heavy rain, as well as evaluate flooring systems to identify potential sinking or upheaval.

Structural Inspections Include;

  • Monolithic and Pier and Beam Foundations
  • Beams, Columns, and Posts
  • Framing and Load Bearing Structures
  • Wall and Ceiling Components
  • Roofing Structures
  • Attics and Crawlspaces
  • Interior and Exterior Structural Components
  • WDI Report Available