Infrared Thermography Inspection

Whether it’s your first home or you are an experienced home buyer or investor, an infrared thermography inspection allows you to have a comprehensive view of what’s behind the walls and can identify potential deficiencies before they cause costly damage. By pinpointing small but significant, changes in temperature (Thermal anomalies) throughout any property. The biggest source of damage behind a wall can come from a small leak which can allow moisture to create ideal conditions for mold to develop. Potential electrical issues can also be identified as well as energy loss, foundational cracking, structural concerns, insulation deficiencies, ventilation problems, and even rodent nests. An infrared thermography inspection goes beyond inspecting a property with the naked eye and gives you a complete picture of the property, allowing you the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Infrared Thermography Inspections Include;

  • Plumbing, Electrical, and Ventilation Systems
  • HVAC efficiency
  • Possible missing insulation behind walls and ceilings
  • Moisture in walls or venting systems
  • Water and moisture intrusion at window seals or other penetrations
  • Circuit Breaker and electrical faults
  • Flue Leaks which can lead to dangerous Co2 levels
  • Rodent or WDI infestations


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