Structural Inspections

Structural Inspections

Nowadays, engineering firms do not offer residential services, and we understand the residential market. Suppose you're making plans on renovating your property, and it involves getting rid of or reducing into load-bearing walls, including dwelling area through manner of 2ndtale preservation or addition with brilliant rooms containing huge open spaces (no support). In that case, a structural engineering session is warranted. If you 'reextending your dwelling quarters, you may require layout and engineering to follow documents. Your nearby constructing branch would require a licensed, expert engineer stamp.

Inspected areas include:
  • Foundation wall cracks, settlement or movement
  • Interior cracking and framing movement
  • Sagging or bowing floors or walls
  • Termite, carpenter ant, or rot damage
  • Undersized and damaged framing members
  • Sinkholes and soil concerns
  • Roof failure


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