Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

This inspection occurs after all structural steel, vapor barrier, and other foundational components are installed but before the concrete is poured. This is one of the most essential inspections because any deficiencies that are missed during the pre-pour are, in a literal sense, set in stone. B&J Inspections has been providing thorough, comprehensive, inch-by-inch inspections for construction projects for more than three decades and is the most trusted name in the Greater Houston area. We inspect both monolithic and post-tension foundations, trenchwork, pads, plumbing, and electrical systems. We also verify that the plans and engineering documents match the work that has been completed.

Our Pre-Pour Inspections include;

  • Checking all foundation work, including bracing structures and forms
  • Inspecting post-tension cable systems for code compliance
  • Verifying steel size and placement
  • Inspecting interior pads for compaction issues
  • Checking vapor barriers for any potential tears or other defects
  • Verifying grade to avoid drainage issues
  • Inspecting exposed plumbing or electrical systems
  • Verifying beam depths & widths

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