Termite and WDI Inspections

Termites and other wood-destroying insects can be a common problem resulting in massive damage and costly repairs. Our trusted partner Termite Finders® is an experienced termite and WDI inspector that utilizes the latest thermal, moisture, and digital imaging to provide a 360° picture of any potentially damaged structural components from framing to pier and beam foundations. We provide a detailed report that allows residential or commercial buyers or sellers to confidently move forward, knowing that the property is not home to any WDI’s, termites, or other infestations.

Our Termite and WDI Inspections Include;

  • Inch-by-inch Inspection of interior and exterior
  • Identification of holes or other signs of intrusion by termites or other WDIs
  • Visual inspection for signs such as mud tubes, droppings, or exit holes
  • Thermal and moisture digital imaging to inspect behind drywall 
  • Structural inspection of residential and commercial properties

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